Monday, December 3, 2012

Tire Flipping

Friday evening started with tire flipping at Crossfit! I had never gotten the chance to flip a tire before and I was super excited the moment I walked in.

I had to laugh at myself because, seriously, who gets excited waiting to flip a hurking tire around?!?!

We worked in partners and it looked something like this:

Except for the fact that I am not a bald, African-American man. Whatever.

Flipping the tires was the fun part. Doing 10 jumps on to the top of it each time we flipped them was not. I am most certainly a white girl who can't jump. After our first tire flip, our coach said to jump onto the tire. Everyone started jumping and I freaked out and asked the coach to hold my hand for the first few. It was high!

The rest of my weekend consisted mostly of working and rainy running. I feel like weekends are not weekends without a race. But unfortunately, my work schedule doesn't let that happen as much as I would like.

Back to the rain. So much rain this weekend. I guess Seattle is definitely hitting winter time. While for most areas, that means large amounts of snow, for us, it just means crazy amounts of rain. Really, I'm okay with it. The thing that gets me most is the wind, which was also out in full force this weekend. Saturday morning I spent 4 miles running with the wind, to turn around and head back straight into it. Not fun. I was holding my hat for dear life.

Despite living in the Pacific Northwest, I don't have much rain gear. I figure that if I'm going to run in the rain, I am going to get wet, so why fight it? I do, however, wear a rain jacket from my high school soccer team that still has my number on it.

Lookin' good!

I also put up a killer workout on the WOD board at work. I was thinking about how much I wanted to do some kettlebell swings and ring rows and this just popped into my head. Of course, I had to give it a shot, too.

In case you can't read my super blurry picture:

400 meter run
Kettlebell swings
Reverse ring rows
400 meter row

Lots of fun, but my body is barking at me a bit today. In a loving way, except for my left IT band. Not sure what his deal is, but it's time to shape up and get with the program!

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