Friday, December 14, 2012

50k, Picky Bars and a Weekend Workout

Yesterday was certainly a much more "chill" day than Wednesday. Just trying to get these legs rested and somewhat recovered before Saturday morning! Eeek!

I haven't talked much about goals for my 50k, or if I have a plan. And, honestly, I really don't have either. My main goal is just to finish. For most race personal distance records, that seems to be my norm. 

My first marathon, I just wanted to cross the finish line and I literally had zero ambitions time-wise. The same goes for this 50k. I keep hearing that it's just 4 more miles than a marathon, which sounds easy enough. But thinking to my last marathon, I'm not sure I had 4 more miles in me! Of course, mentally, I'll be in a different place, which I guess will make all the difference.

I'm planning on starting out around a 9 minute mile and just try to hold that pace. I think once I get to mile 8, I'll be just fine. It's those early miles that can get sort of mentally daunting for me. 

The things I'm worried most about are pretty much out of my control. I'm worried about my neuroma. The best thing I can do for that is just to make sure my calf isn't tight, so I will be stretching like crazy all day. 

The only other worry I have is my left hip. It's been somewhat problematic since the Seattle Marathon, so I am hoping it will just calm down tomorrow. We will see! I've done all the foam rolling I can, so what will happen, will happen!

In other news, I finally tried Picky Bars. I have heard some pretty great things about these, and they sure didn't disappoint. 

Before I get in to the taste, these bars have some major nutritional thought behind them! First off, they have a 4 to 1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, perfect for recovery! They are a perfect size at 200 calories, and they are gluten and dairy free.

I tried "Lauren's Mega Nuts" (hehe even the name made me giggle) and LOVED it! I think I liked it better than my beloved Lara Bars! Among other ingredients, this bar features dates, peanut butter, brown rice cereal, apricots, cranberries, chocolate chips, and several varieties of nuts and seeds. Whew! So much yum! I highly recommend these and will be getting more!

I taught a lovely High Intensity Interval class last night and, afterwards, realized it would be a fun one to share because it doesn't require any equipment. This workout took my class about a half an hour to complete. This one is certain to get you super sweaty!

Start off doing 100 jumping jacks. Then do 50 reps of air squats and high knees, then 40 reps of the same, then 30. The next section, you do 40/30/20 reps of jumping lunges and sit-ups. The last set is 30/20/10 of push ups and broad jumps. And you finish off with 100 more jumping jacks!

Hope you all have a good weekend! Let me know if you try the workout!


  1. Good luck this weekend Allison! Can't wait to hear about it. Are you coming on Sunday?

    WOO ULTRA!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to try to make it Sunday, but I have another party that I already RSVP'd too. If I can work it out, I'll be there! Thank you!