Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas, Recovering and Crossfit

There is only one week until Christmas Eve! How did that happen?!

Every year around this time I wonder how the holiday season flew by so quickly? It seems like I just get my tree up, start belting out Celine Dion's Christmas album, and then it's all of a sudden over. Wahhhhh!!!! 

Best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!
Living by myself, however, means I have full control over when the Christmas decorations come down. Past roommates have become enraged with me when I refuse to put the tree away after January 1st. I may or may not be the trashy white girl who has still had her tree up in February (obviously my tree is fake). One year I even tried to convince my roommates (sorry, Shannon and Annie) to keep the tree up year round and swap ornaments for each holiday. Haha. That didn't go over too well!

Christmas-time in my apartment!
I am very excited to head to my parents' house out on the peninsula of Washington for Christmas. Unfortunately I'll only be able to spend about 2 days there, but it's better than nothing! I am so thankful to have family that I can spend holidays with and who welcome me home with open arms each time! It sounds like Christmas is going to be a somewhat quiet affair this year. My cousins and Aunt and Uncle will be coming later Christmas Day, but I'm just going to be happy to have a no-pressure holiday with my parents. 

Switching gears, I'm not sure it has completely sunk in that I ran 31.1 miles on Saturday. Like, who does that?! 

I do, now, I guess! Because as much as I didn't have fun because of my stomach, I'm already searching for more 50k's. Specifically one in February. I have a 50k on Tiger Mountain at the beginning of January, I am planning to pace Ultra-Marathoner Jess at a 24-hour race in March, April is the Eugene Marathon, and I just signed up for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in June. I used to think half marathons were my favorite distance, but I guess marathons are now!

I definitely felt pretty stiff on Sunday after the race, and I took it easy that day. It was odd, the only part that hurt afterwards were the tops of my feet, right above my arch. Odd place for pain, and I am thinking I may be tying my shoes too tight? 

Shoes too tight? Or too bright?
Anyways, I felt well rested yesterday and managed to get in a short run and a good Crossfit workout. I was thinking back to my first marathon and how I could barely walk for a week afterwards. It's interesting how one's body can adapt to those long distances and learn to recovery quickly. 

Our Crossfit workout yesterday was "long". Our box categorizes our WOD's (workout of the day) as short, long, or intervals. Of course, the first Monday back from a 50k and the coaches tried to kill me. Haha!

Beth and I decided to be partners so we could keep ourselves from going too hard. If you remember, Beth just rocked her first marathon on Saturday. Our workout was as follows:

Start with a 3000 meter countdown on the rower.
In 3 minute intervals:
  • Partner 1, followed by partner 2: 50 wall balls followed by rowing as far as possible in the remaining minutes.
  • Partner 1, followed by partner 2: 50 kettlebell swings followed by rowing as far as possible in the remaining minutes.
  • Partner 1, followed by partner 2: 50 air squats followed by rowing as far as possible in the remaining minutes. 
  • Do 1 burpee for every 100 meters you have left on the rower.
Beth and I didn't take it too easy other than using a lighter medicine ball for the wall balls and a lighter than usual kettlebell. Beth also was smart and did sit-ups instead of air squats for the last interval. We ended up having to do 7 burpees at the end, which I think was better than most of the class.

I didn't particularly feel tired by the end, so I left feeling disappointed that I hadn't pushed myself. This morning when I woke up, however, I was sore! I guess I'm just not a good judge of my own output during a workout!

It may snow here today, which I'm pumped about. I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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