Tuesday, December 11, 2012

20 Rep CrossFit WOD and Running Tights

The other day, the main Crossfit site had a great long workout up!

I was so obsessed with it that I put it up on the WOD board at my gym.

It is basically 20 reps of every exercise in the Crossfit regimen. There were a lot of people at our gym who did this workout, several of whom put their times up. It seemed to take most people about half an hour. I am very much looking forward to this workout once my 50k is over on Saturday. As I said Monday, I'm trying really hard not to kill myself before then! =)

I was thinking of doing a 10 mile run tomorrow up on Cougar mountain with Ultra Marathoner Jess, who just got back from Africa. I think I have made the executive decision, however to forgo that idea in favor of a ballet class.
Since my running has felt so off the past week or so, I find myself dreaming about sinking into plies and finding some escape in an adagio combination. It has been about a year probably since I have taken a ballet technique class, after religiously taking class almost daily for many years. I have to say I'm really looking forward to it tomorrow!

Last night at Crossfit, we did a fun shoulder-burner. You worked with a partner.

Partner number 1 would row 250 meters all out, as fast as possible. Then immediately do as many push ups as they could (to max). And then match that number with pull ups.

Then partner 2 would do the same thing. You switched back and forth for 3 rounds each.

I worked with Beth, who is running a marathon Saturday and we tried to take it easy on the row so we could save our legs. We still got in a great upper-body workout, though!

Two semi-exciting things happened this morning during my usual 4 am run. First, I finally broke out the running tights. I have still been rocking the short shorts even though it's December and as much as I hate running in pants, I just had to this morning. T'was chilly!

The tights I usually wear are the New Balance WindBlocker Tight. I like it because it keeps me warmer and breaks the wind, but it isn't overly hot and there is a drawstring. And drawstrings are pretty much all I want in life. Or in a running pant.

The second exciting thing was that my run finally didn't suck completely. I was finally able to get a little speed, and although it was only 4 miles, I felt the mojo returning, at least a little bit!

Have a good Tuesday!


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