Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All I Want for Christmas...

I have quite a few fitness related gifts on my list this year. I thought I would share them so you can either put them on your list or to give you ideas for the runner in your life. Some of these products aren't necessarily on my list, but are my favorite products. And the only reason they aren't on my list is that I already have enough of them =)

Lululemon Inspire Crops

I always always get asked where I get my crops from. The Lululemon Inspires are, far and away, my favorite pair. First, they are insanely flattering. They lift and tuck where they should and come up high enough on your waist to hide that pooch. Most importantly, they don't fall down when running and working out. I wear these at work at the gym, during Crossfit workouts and for running.

Oiselle Roga Shorts

I bought a pair of Rogas on a whim several months ago and, since then, have barely worn any other shorts. I ran the Seattle Marathon in them and have taken them out on numerous trail runs. I have even slept in them. They are so comfortable, the waistband doesn't dig in to you and they have so many pockets. So. Many. Pockets. There is a back pocket, an inside front pocket and an outside hip pocket. I have so much love for these, I asked for another pair for Christmas.

Petzl Zipka Headlamp
I decided awhile back that I didn't like wearing a light on my head while I was running. It just wasn't happening. When I lived in New York, my dark, morning runs were along streets with lots of street lights and I never had to worry about not being able to see or not being seen. When I moved to Seattle, it became apparent this was not going to be the case any longer. I ended up buying a cheap clip that I put on a string and around my arm, but admittedly, it didn't do much and has since been pretty much forgotten. This headlamp was recommended to me by an over-zealous REI employee who said that most runners love this lamp because you can put it around your arm instead of your head. I was sold. 

Pro Compression Socks

Holy cow I love these socks. It took me quite awhile to jump on the compression bandwagon. People always used to ask if I "compressed". My answer was always no, compression is bull*hit. I hereby state for the record that I was oh so wrong. While I'm not convinced that compression "works" for recovery, it sure does feel amazing! I have tried several of the different compression companies out there and Pro Compression is by far my favorite. Their socks aren't too tight, but give you just the right amount of squeeze. It's like a hug for your calf and shin. And they always have some sort of discount going on each month. I have yet to pay full price for a pair!

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  1. Hi Allison, glad our over-zealous employee steered you in the right direction! ;) Please email me at pmottol at as I'd like to put something in the mail for you.

    Paolo at REI HQ