Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back to the Barre

I had such a fun day yesterday! I may have worn myself out a bit too much, but it was my day off and I filled it with all the things I enjoy!

First, I met my running buddies Beth and Jess for an early morning trail run at Discovery Park. 

Heading out to the trails.
Our run was short and sweet. We only did 4.33 miles and took it nice and slow. I've been running on the road for the past week and a half at least, so it was nice to be on trails and using different muscles. I've mentioned before, but the stairs at Discovery are a particular brand of insanity. I must admit that we walked most of them for this loop!

Honestly, it was just nice to be running with friends without any sort of speed or distance agenda. While solo running has its benefits, there is nothing like running with two of my favorite people!

Different day, but same favorite people!
I had big plans for the rest of my morning. 

Since I've felt so off the past week, I decided to change things up a little bit. I thought about going to yoga, which I know will benefit me, and I will get back to eventually. 

However, my mind immediately went to ballet. It has been about a year since I have taken class. Remembering back to New York and how my favorite teachers gave me such goosebumps, I knew I had to make it happen here in Seattle! Luckily, Pacific Northwest Ballet has a pretty good "open" program, and I carved out time yesterday to attend one of their technique classes.

So, I pulled out my old ballet shoes (um...STINKY!)! And don't even ask about my pointe shoes. While I still have several old pairs that aren't "dead" yet, I have serious doubts I will ever strap on a pair again.

Stinky ballet shoes FTW!
I cannot begin to explain the joy I felt during the plies. Plies are generally the first exercise of a ballet class, and are done at the barre. Yesterday, plies were almost like a religious experience. As silly as it sounds, sinking in to those plies gave me a sense of artistry and creativity that I have been lacking.

Too excited for life!! Also, sneaking pictures in the
PNB dressing rooms was a funny experience. Totally awkward.
Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely head-over-heals in love with running and Crossfit, but I am definitely missing the artistic aspect of things. What I love most about ballet is...well, pretty much everything! 

First of all, I love that there is structure. Every technique class has the same set-up. You start at the barre with plies, tendus, degages, etc. And then move to the center for adagio, petit allegro and grande allegro. But, secondly, within the structure is a chance to express yourself. A chance to move your head or your arm in a slightly different direction and with senses of both musicality and grace. Not sure if that makes sense, so if not, just take my word for it that it is amazing!

My day finished up at Crossfit, of course. I didn't have much left, but I wanted to see my friends!

We had a "long" workout today that would have kicked my butt even if I hadn't already had an active day.

We started off with 50 kettlebell swings. I used a VERY light kettlebell in an effort to salvage my legs. That didn't last long. Then we did a 2000 meter row with a partner. My partner and I split it up in chunks of 500 meters.

Then we did a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 pull-ups, 10 push press and 15 medicine ball cleans. I have to toot my own horn here a little and say that I did all the pull ups without a band! And I was getting sets of 5 straight pretty consistently! Woo!

We book-ended things with another 2000 meter row with our partner and another 50 kettlebell swings.

The whole workout took us about 40 minutes! Woof! I had fun with this one, though, because as challenging as it was, most of it was endurance, which I have in spades.

Like I said, I probably tried to do a little too much yesterday. But I know that I am going to be taking it easy the next few days, so I am okay with it!

Here's to an equally fun Thursday!

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