Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reason's I'm Excited for the NYC Marathon

It looks like all signs point towards RUN for New York City this weekend. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this. Some people think the race should have been cancelled because of Sandy and in regard for those struggling and the city's clean-up effort.

I am torn on Mayor Bloomberg and the NYRR's decision to hold the race as planned. I think it will be a great boost for New York in the wake of so much destruction, but I also think it is slightly selfish to be holding a marathon when so many are in such bad shape.

Anyways, the race looks like it is going on! And I am pretty much a little fire ball of anxiety about everything other than actually running 26.2 miles. My main concerns are flying into the city, getting my bib from the expo, and, most importantly, making it to the start line. As of now, there is very little transportation going down to lower Manhattan, where I am supposed to be catching a ferry to the start line on Staten Island. We'll see how they work this one out.

I'm trying to take things one step at a time. And I'm trying to remind myself why I am been so excited to run! Here is a list of why I am pumped to head to New York tomorrow.

I'm running the freaking marathon again!
It is not lost on me that making it into the NYC lottery two years in a row is a slight miracle. It probably makes up for all the prizes I've never won in my life. If this is it, I'll certainly take it!

The marathon will, no doubt, be the highlight of my trip. Last year, the marathon was literally the best day I could have ever dreamed of. Sure, running 26.2 miles for the first time was the most challenging thing I had ever done, and I was in such pain for most of it. However, I will never forget the sense of accomplishment, the support I felt from my friends and the city itself, and the joy for running I exhibited on that day.

So many warm fuzzies, I can't even handle it!

I get to see my friends!

After graduating from college, I moved out to New York barely knowing a soul. I went through so much in my life during my 5 years there and made some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

Since I've been gone, my friends back on the east coast have been busy moving in with their boyfriends, getting pregnant and one has even had two surgeries!

That's a lot to miss in one year. I am so excited to celebrate the joys with them, and commiserate on the low points. That's what friends are for, right?

I get a new, shiny medal.
This may seem very superficial, but I love race bling. I've even been known not to sign up for a race simply because there is no medal involved. Haha. I'm crazy and I know it!

My New York City Marathon medal from last year sports a prominent place on my medal hanger, and every once in awhile I will pick it up and look at the back where my name and time are engraved. I am SO proud of that stinkin' medal!

I can't wait to get another this year. And you better believe I made sure my flight on Monday was booked later in the day so I could make it to Marathon Monday to get it engraved this year, too.

I get to feel like a rock star for 26.2 miles.

The back of my shirt. The front said "Allison" in the same green font.
One of the greatest tips I had when I ran NYC last year was to put my name on my shirt so people could cheer me on by my name. Brilliant idea. Bystanders were screaming my name and giving me high fives for pretty much the entire marathon. I have never felt so loved and important! Especially during those final miles when you just want to walk, tens of people yelling your name and telling you you can do this really helps with that final push.

Although I didn't get around to ordering a special shirt with my name on it this year, I'm excited to get high fives and generally feel like the most amazing person in the world. I mean, who doesn't love feeling important?!

I get to run. And race.
I am so grateful that I am able to run and that I have found such passion in the sport of racing. I feel so lucky that my body is able to do what I love, and do it well!

In the corrals. Making funny faces and pumped to race!
When I first learned of my dance injuries that would eventually make me retire, I was heartbroken. I didn't think there was anything that could ever replace the love I had for dance.

I have not only found a great replacement, but I love running so much more than I ever thought I could! It has made me new friends and given me so much mental clarity over the past few years.

Woo hoo! I just ran a half marathon in the freezing cold and I'm excited!
I am so excited to lace up my shoes with the thousands of other runners and get my race on for 26.2 miles. It's going to be a blast!

I'm going to be part of a Marathon legacy and 26.2 mile party after Sandy.

The decision to hold the marathon was, no doubt, a hard one to make, I'm sure. With so many more important things for the city to think about, a marathon seems pretty low on the totem pole. However, I am so proud and in awe of New York City's resilience and perseverance through all the madness. This is one city that will never be broken! And I think the marathon will do a great job of not only bringing people together again, but in showing that New York truly cannot be held down! It is going to be a great reminder of New York's strength and, more importantly, the strength of it's residents! I am excited to be apart of the race this year, for no other reason than it seems more important than in years past. Who knows how we will all get to the start line, or if any spectators will cheer, but it will be a bright day in a particularly nasty week that can hopefully still inspire and cheer up those who are still struggling.

Here we go!!!!


  1. Yes!! I am going to be cheering you on! I love how to put it... "I'm going to be part of a Marathon legacy and 26.2 mile party after Sandy."

    The decision to hold this marathon may be one of the hardest decisions the Mayor, NYRR, etc. have had to make. I understand and see where both sides are coming from, but now that they've made the decision, just need to roll with it and believe that this was the decision to make to keep the city solidified, persevering to the finish line.

    1. Thank you!!! And I completely agree. I trust they made the best decision they could and hope to just roll with the punches!