Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fight Gone Bad

I haven't talked about CrossFit for awhile so I thought I would regale you with one of our workouts we did last week!

This is a benchmark workout that we do at our box probably once every few months. I like it because it combines everything and is very scale-able to what you can do on a certain day. Case in point: Friday I went a little easy on this since I was *supposed to run 20 miles afterwards.

There are several stations that you stay at for 1 minute each before rotating. You power through three sets and then you are done!

It's fun at our box because we do it with partners. While one partner is working, the other is counting their reps and at the end, you total all the reps for the final score. Its always fun to try to stay consistent through each round (at least that's always my goal!) and to try to beat your partner's scores =) Nope, not competitive in the slightest!!

At my gym, our stations are as follows:

After each round, you rest for 1 minute before starting over.

This is definitely a great workout that you could change up even if you don't have access to a gym. Try subbing in push ups, mountain climbers or burpees!

I've had some other great Crossfit workouts lately. Our trainers have been super creative the past few weeks. I will try to get some up here to share with you!

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