Monday, November 19, 2012

Gobble Gobble 10k Race Recap

I couldn't stop making turkey noises yesterday. But I had good reason!

It was the Gobble Gobble Greenlake 10k!

Several of my friends, Beth and Elena, and I signed up for the race about a month ago. We signed up for fun, not for racing. Although it was difficult to get off work for a race I wasn't actually racing, I'm so glad I did because I had a blast!

All week we were wondering what we should wear. We definitely wanted to dress up, but we weren't sure how to dress like a turkey. Beth ended up finding some great Turkey headbands on and we thought we were all set!

But disaster struck and they didn't get delivered in time! Sad panda. The day before the race, I made an emergency trip to JoAnn's Fabrics and found us feather and headbands. The other girls were able to find us some fun socks to match the feathers.

Who doesn't love colorful socks!?!?
Whew! Crisis averted.

We weren't sure how our "look" was going to come out, but I have to say we ended up looking perfectly goofy!

I think we were "gobbling". Whatever that means.
I woke up Sunday, race day, to rain, rain, and more rain. I live in Seattle, so obviously I'm used to it, but it was still kind of a bummer.

Nonetheless, I donned my feathers and headed over to Beth's house to braid everyone's hair. Necessities.

We headed out in the rain over to Greenlake for the start. It wasn't as crowded as we had anticipated and we were able to park fairly close and get to the start in no time! I think the rain scared lots of participants away. Thankfully, we had enough time for lots of pictures before we started.

The race started right on time and we took off.

We made a plan to stick together the whole time, the goal being just to have fun. For the 10k, the race had us doing 2 laps of the lake.

Our first lap was great! I was feeling pretty good and just enjoying the time with my friends doing my most favorite activity: Running!

We stopped after our first lap for a potty break and once we got started again, my stomach was being a big old meanie. Always frustrating. Needless to say, the second lap wasn't as fun for me. I just fed off the energy of my friends for the last 3 miles. The fact that Beth and I had plans to head out to Tiger Mountain afterwards was definitely nagging in the back of my mind.

We finished up the 10k in about 59.35 minutes with big smiles on our faces! Goal: Accomplished.

We didn't stick around for the Mashed Potato Munch Off, but I did enjoy the race! It was so nice just to run with friends and not worry about pacing or time, for once. Happy runner here!

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