Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Core Workout

Happy Halloween to all! I hope everyone has a fun day ahead! I'm wearing some cat ears at work this morning and am planning to dress up for Crossfit as well tonight.

Yes, there is a land called taper-avoidance and I am it's queen. The end.

I gave a Super Scary Core Workout to one of my classes last night and thought it would be fun to post it for you to do at home! You just need a mat and a dumbbell!

The workout should take about 30 minutes. You start with 5 straight leg raises for the first round. Second round, you do 5 leg raises and 6 weighted sit-ups. Third round, you do 5 leg raises, 6 weighted sit-ups and 7 alternating plank T's. Continue until you finish with 5 straight leg raises through 13 candlesticks. Woo!

Here are links to the exercises in case you need them!

Straight Leg Raises
Weighted sit ups
Alternating plank T's
Russian twists (with dumbbell)
Back extensions
Lunges with twist
Knees to chest
Toe touches

Let me know if you try the workout!

In other news, I'm not complaining, but it's been rainy here. I've been trying to avoid catching a cold this week before the marathon, so I've taken to the treadmill the past few mornings.

Things I love about the treadmill: I get super duper sweaty.

It's hard to see in the picture, but I was a sweat monster! And I loved it. I ended up doing 4 miles and mixed it up with lots of intervals. Basically the week before a race I try to just do shorter runs with lots of speed bursts, so maybe it was a good thing I was on the treadmill so I had to pay attention to my speed.

While I try not to make the treadmill a habit, I think it can be a good training tool. Especially for speed workouts. I find it fun and entertaining to do intervals, so it definitely makes the time pass more quickly. And you always end up a sweaty mess by the end, so that's a plus!

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  1. I totally understand the treadmill thing—especially for speed and sweat!

    I don't even look at weights the week before marathons...I can't believe you're going to do Cross Fit, be careful! Remember, extra rest=better race, no matter how mentally brutal it may be :)

    Happy Halloween! I can't wait to hear about Sunday.