Friday, August 31, 2012

Killin' it at CrossFit

I've got several CrossFit WODS for you today! I'm most excited about last night's workout, so I'll start there. We started with a short and fun circuit of rows, kb swings, box jumps and somersaults. The somersaults were really fun to do, I was having such a great time pretending I was a rock-star gymnast (which, obviously, I am). We did three rounds, one partner after the other.

Our WOD last night was pretty much all about endurance. This is definitely my forte, so I killed this one! We ran 200 meters, did 15 kettlebell swings and bear crawled forward across the gym and then backwards. If you think crawling forward is hard, try backwards! A lot of it is coordination. I blazed through the workout in under 9 minutes and finished a good minute and a half before anyone else! Afterwards, I had to remind some of the disgruntled boys that I struggle with strength workouts and that made them feel a bit better!

The day before, we did what my coach called a "time management" workout.

First we practiced our overhead squat, which I don't think I had ever practiced before. The first set was rough, but I was finally able to add some extra weight after I got the hang of it.

For our WOD, we did a 2 minute row as fast as possible for calories. Then, 2 minutes of overhead squats for reps and 2 minutes of pullups for reps. I was a wimp and used an orange band for the pullups, so I got through quite a few. I need to go down to a black band (the smallest band) and suck it up. Even if I can only do 3 at a time, I know it will make me stronger. And, finally, we did a 400 meter run for time. I was pissed to come in second place in the run, but you can't win 'em all!

The past two days have been great running-wise as well. Both days I did a speedy 4 miles. Today I didn't even look at my watch! I just ran by feel and ended up with an average pace of 7:55. Who knew that would ever be a comfortable pace for me?! I was sad that I had left my camera at home because the moon was SO beautiful this morning. I hear tonight there is supposed to be a "blue moon" so I don't want to miss that!

August has been a great month for me. It's actually my highest mileage month ever, clocking in at 164 miles! And that doesn't even count the running I do at Crossfit. My highest mileage month before training for NYC Marathon last year was 141, and I'm not even up to my highest mileage weeks for this training cycle yet. Pretty excited to see what September brings!

Tomorrow I have a 16 miler planned, and I am still debating where to tackle it. I'm thinking I might do Greenlake/Lake Union, but since I have a guest this weekend, I may just take it straight from my apartment down the Burke Gilman.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!

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