Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

What a great weekend! I started it off Friday with a great CrossFit workout. Our skill for the day was deadlifts and I got up past my bodyweight, which was exciting for me.

Our WOD was an AMRAP. We were supposed to be doing knee tucks up to the bar for 8, but I had my coach help me do some skin the cat's. It was fun to work on some skills other than focusing on time. I also worked on my double unders, which my coach says I'm close to, but I don't believe it!

I picked up Annie from the airport late Friday night and since I had 16 miles on tap bright and early the next morning, we pretty much crashed right when we got home.

My long run Saturday morning was another great one! Two awesome long runs in a row? I'll take it! I ran along Burke Gilman, around Lake Union and up to Green Lake, then back to Ballard. Because I am the worst person ever with directions, I estimated a little over and ended up with 17 miles. Who does that?! What a crazy running freak =)

The view at Green Lake. Love.
It was another beautiful day and the first 12 miles or so flew by. Around mile 12 I started getting some neuroma pain, but it wasn't too bad. I stopped around mile 14 to shake out my foot and have a shot blok, which got me through the final miles. I finished the 17 miles in 2 hours and 25 minutes, which is about an 8:30 pace. If I can hold that for the NYC Marathon, I will be golden!

17 miles. 2.25.35. Boom!
After a quick shower (no ice bath this weekend), Annie and I refueled. Mimosas were obviously on the menu!

I ended up having to run into work for some aerobic class help. I'm working on getting a set warm-up and cool-down together and there are so many things to remember! Cueing, counting, instructing, safety, the list goes on forever! Luckily, with my dance background, I think it comes a little easier to me, but its still darn hard!

After that, Annie and I took the Edmonds Ferry, and then drove out to the Peninsula. We got to spend the night at my parents' house on the beach, which is always a nice treat. I will tell you we did NOT watch the Sound of Music on my father's big screen TV. (ok, I lied. Maybe we did.) The next morning, I even got to go out to my Stepmom's garden and pick fresh berries and spinach to take home! I was way too excited to handle my life in that moment!

All the berries!
We even got up early enough to catch the sunrise over the beach. The northwest really is the most beautiful place. It only took me 27 years to figure that one out!

After the morning excitement, we drove to Hurricane Ridge to experience even more beauty. Never-ending. Seriously.

Oh my goodness, if you want to feel like a miniscule speck, go to Hurricane Ridge. In the midst of the mountains, trees and meadows, I felt so small and was just in awe of the beauty of nature!

Annie and I had a great time just exploring a bit. I took the day off from workouts, a despite my 17 miles the day before, I still felt fresh hiking around the mountains for a few hours.

Hugging a tree. It seemed appropriate at the time.
We headed back to Seatle on the Bainbridge Island ferry, which I think has the best views of Seattle.

Mount Rainier was also out and I was so glad Annie got the chance to see it in all its glory before she left. This picture doesn't even do it justice. This mountain is so freakin' beautiful!

Hello, gorgeous.
We bummed around Pike's Place Market for awhile before heading over to Alki beach and then back home for the evening. We were both pretty pooped from sitting in a car all day (how does that even happen?), and we enjoyed a quiet evening on the couch with some frozen yogurt and cupcakes.

 I was able to get out Monday morning for a quick 5 miles before I headed into work for the morning. Annie and I picked up some lunch after I was done and headed to Mercer Island so I could show her where I grew up. We ate lunch down on a beach there before I had to take her to the airport.

Such a great weekend, but I am ready for some fun things going on this week!


  1. What a fun weekend!! I love when friends come to visit—such a good excuse for out-of-the-ordinary activities.

    Question...how easy is it to navigate Burke Gilman? I want to go for my long run this weekend, but I've never been before! Advice on a starting off spot?

    1. Oh my goodness it's so easy! Once you find the trail, you literally just run along the paved walkway and can go for miles! I always start in Ballard at Leary Way and 42nd St or so. That way you kind of start at the beginning and can run foreverrrrr! I'll probably be out there Sunday morning super early if you want to meet for some miles!