Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tougher Mudder Possibilities

My CrossFit workout last night was somewhat easy by CrossFit standards. This probably means the workout this afternoon is going to be a tough one! We started out with 5 sets of 8 deadlifts. My legs were still a little tired I think from the race this weekend because I only got to 50kg.

After our workout, one of my friends and I started working on our pullups. I am on a mission to do kipping pullups without a band, so I have been working on them everyday after my WOD. I'm still a ways off and trying to figure out the best way to get there. I am torn between working with a band to do my kipping pull ups and working on the movement, or working my pullups from a deadhang to gain strength. So many differing opinions on this one as every trainer at my box seems to have a different opinion!

While we were practicing pull ups, one of our trainers mentioned doing the Tougher Mudder run in September. Have you ever heard of this race? It is a crazy obstacle course amidst a 12 mile run. There are some pretty insane obstacles! My trainer said his team was looking for more people and that we should do it!

Hold up. You want me to run a crazy race with all these obstacles with a bunch of hardcore CrossFit trainers, while I can barely do one pullup?

Nonetheless, I started getting really excited about it and my friend and I are seriously considering signing up! I'll keep ya posted!

This week, I'm doing what I feel like running mileage-wise. I figured a week "off" will keep me motivated during Marathon training in the coming months. Of course, I'm still running. This morning I had a lovely 6 mile run down to the beach and back. I love Tuesdays because they are usually my days off and I can run a bit later in the morning.

One last piece of news: I finally retired the shoes I have been running in since the NYC Marathon last year...whooops! I got a new pair of Brooks Ghost 4's awhile ago, but it takes awhile for me to break them in, so I was just using them on one or two short runs a week. Yesterday I finally made the switch. And I added some pretty sweet hot pink laces!

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. Hey! You started a blog...hooray!! Are you coming to FlyBarre on Thursday night? I hope so!

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading! I'm not sure I can make it Thursday, yet. I may have to work...boo!