Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ballard Locks and Workouts

I had a lovely day off yesterday! I decided to take a walk in the afternoon to the Ballard Locks.

I hadn't been and really explored there since I was really little, and I enjoyed watching some of the boats go through. There is something kind of calming about sitting on the perfectly green grass in the park, listening to the sounds of the water, and watching the boats line up.

I also went to CrossFit, per usual. As I expected, we had a pretty killer workout today. I usually excel at the workouts that feature running, and they are usually my favorite. I find myself hoping for running workouts, but since I have usually already run in the morning, I know I should be working on things like rowing!

We started the workout working on our snatches, which I haven't had too much practice with. I wasn't able to get up in weight very high, and for the workout, I just ended up with the bar. For the WOD, we ran 1000 meters and then did 21 snatches, 21 pullups, 15 snatches, 15 pullups, etc. As usual, I was first to finish the run, but some caught up to me during the lifts. Luckily, I was able to kill the final 1000 meter run and finished first.

This morning I woke up to open the gym at an hour I don't really want to share. As hard as it is to get up that early, it's worth it. I love stepping outside my apartment building to a quiet and tranquil street. The sky was super clear this morning and I caught a nice sliver of the moon.

Oh heeeey moon! Good morning to ya!
After I opened the gym, I had a few hours before my shift started so I got my run in. A slow 4 miles today. My legs felt tired, probably because of the CrossFit madness last night.

I also find the marina by me to be peaceful in the morning. Especially when I get there for the sunrise. Most people are still sleeping and I get it mostly to myself. Lets hope the rest of this Wednesday stays as peaceful as my morning was!


  1. You have a blog!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! Welcome welcome!!

    1. Haha Thank you! I'm excited to be apart of the cool kids club =)