Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am full of nervous/excited energy today! More on that in a second, but first: workouts! Last night's CrossFit  WOD was a cardio killer. My friend, Beth, and I found out the workout earlier in the day and were texting all afternoon whether or not we wanted to subject ourselves to the torture!

The workout didn't end up being as hard as I thought it would be. The worst part were the burpees at the end of the first 15 minutes. I think I ended up with around 60 (can't remember exactly) and I had the highest in the class, despite the fact that I suck at rowing and was the third person off their rower.

I was pretty proud of myself at the end of the last set because I did all my pullups with a black band (the smallest). One step closer to un-assisted pullups! I could only manage sets of 3 at a time, but at least I was doing it! I think I ended up with 25 total by the end.

I woke up this morning at the butt-crack of dawn to get in a quick 3 miles. It was dark the whole time, and about 3 minutes in the ground came up to bite me and I totally tripped over the sidewalk. Sad face. Luckily, it was a mild fall, as falls go and I only scraped up the side of my calf a little bit. I've had several bad falls in my running "career" which have left my knees scarred. Usually I'm ok with the scars, as I feel they are badges of honor! Although I'm thinking I should get a light of some sort to run with since I'm going to be running so early sometimes now.

Since I am working towards my Group Exercise Certification with ACE, my gym has been talking about giving me some small classes. I am very excited at the prospect and yesterday the group fitness manager asked me if I could teach a demo class in several weeks. I pretty much squealed with excitement and got to work planning it right away!

Our group fitness room!
Last night after CrossFit, I had a message asking if I could do the demo class this Saturday instead! Eeeek! I have had the biggest rush of nervous excitement since then. On one hand, I've never taught before so I'm pretty nervous, but on the other hand, I think I will really enjoy it after I get over the nerves.

So many fun toys to use
So now I am trying to plan my classes and practice them at least once before Saturday!

In other news, I have a full day ahead. Some of the other trainers from my gym who also do CrossFit are heading over to another CrossFit box to get ideas for some functional movement classes we want to start. I'm excited to try another box, since I've only ever been to mine!

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  1. Congratulations on the class teaching!

    And uh yeah--get a running safety light!