Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Workouts

My weekend felt like it was full of workouts! Friday night I made it to CrossFit for a killer WOD! This was actually a WOD I loved, though. I usually like the workouts that feature endurance over strength (probably because I'm better at them!).

My coach specified that once we started a set of 30, we couldn't stop or we had to add on an extra 400 meter run with our wall ball. thank you! I will NOT be stopping during a set! The set that killed me was the thrusters. I think I have done thrusters everyday this week so I found my shoulders pretty "thrustered" out.

I'd made a plan to meet some of my CrossFit buddies at the gym Saturday morning, and then follow that up with my long run.
Grr! Ready to rock some Saturday workouts!
And, of course, guess what part of the workout was? Thrusters! Gah!

3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 thrusters
12 pullups

Oh well, I still had fun! And since it was a running-based workout, I finished second in my class =) AND after the workout, someone came up and praised how good my pullups look! I was so excited I just about hugged her!

After Crossfit, my friend Beth and I headed out for a run. I was debating how much I wanted my "long run" to be this weekend and decided on 12 miles. I figured my body could use a bit of a rest after the half marathon last weekend, but I wanted to keep my mileage up. Beth stuck with me for the first 3 miles or so and I was thankful to have a friend there to get me through those early miles. Once I hit 4 miles or so, I finally felt loosened up!

I ran along the Burke-Gilman trail. This is such a great multi-use trail for runners, walkers, bikers, roller-bladers, etc. that stretches all round Seattle for miles. Last time I tried to follow it, I got lost somewhere near the U-District, but luckily, this time I was able to stay on the trail!

More on this in another post, but one of the injuries that put an end to my dance career was a Morton's Neuroma. I don't feel it much anymore since I had surgery to remove the nerve between my toes, but when I am breaking in new running shoes, it is downright painful. Saturday was my first long run in my new shoes and by mile 6 I had to stop, take off my shoe, and move my toes around. The pain I experience is very odd. Sometimes it just hurts and feels like a sharp pain in my foot and other times my foot "clicks" as well. Every mile or so after that I had to stop again to shake it out. I literally thought about running home without my shoe on, but definitely made the wise choice to nix that decision since I was still about 6 miles away from my car.

Luckily I made it through and ran home to eat, take an ice bath, shower and get to work. I am a recent ice bath convert.
Cold toes
I never took them when I lived in New York and wouldn't even fathom it in the bathtub I shared with two other girls. I took my first ice bath several weeks ago after a 13 miler and the next day I felt terrific! I figured it won't hurt, and even if it helps me recover the slightest bit faster, its worth it!

I'm cold but excited! Recover faster legs!!
After 6 hours of work, I bet you can guess how early this granny went to bed Saturday night =)

The next morning, I got in 3.5 recovery miles before heading into work again. When I got to the gym, I was excited to find a wall of my cookie cutter workouts! I've been working on these for awhile, and am excited for people to sign up so I can take them through the routines!

I also got in 5 miles this morning. 3 before opening and the gym and 2 after. I was still feeling slow and like I was still in recovery mode and once I stopped, it was hard to get my pace moving again! The sun was also being a bit slow this morning as the sunrise didn't even start until I was finished. I guess it's preparing me for winter when all my runs are going to be in the dark again.

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