Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blogging Returns

So I am blogging again! Definitely in a very different way. My previous blog began with an old roommate and ended up all mine. My passion for baking was the centerpiece of the blog, but as my passion for fitness skyrocketed, my love for baking butter and sugar laden treats turned to healthy snacks before disappearing all together. 

A crazy butterfly cupcake I made and decorated.

As I transitioned out of a dance career in New York, my focus switched to running. I have since enjoyed a good 2 years of racing, completing many 5k's, 10k's, half marathons and even a marathon! After getting my personal training certification, I eventually moved back to my home state (Washington, represent!) and have settled myself in Seattle.

This will not be the last NYC Marathon picture on this blog. Pinky swear.

My love for running has somewhat replaced the hole in my heart left from dancing, and most mornings you can find me running on the streets smiling my face off as the sun comes up. Since moving to Seattle, I have also started and become a fervent supporter of CrossFit. Not only has it made me a faster runner, but I have found my new strength is paramount in warding off injuries. I also enjoy a good, sweaty yoga class when I can work it in to my schedule.

I am hoping this blog becomes a place for me to share my fitness and life triumphs, as well as help me to work through the tough times. I hope to inspire some, but also to have a safe place to write about whatever I darn well please! Welcome to my journey!


  1. I already feel inspired after the first post!

    "Allison's Miles" or "Allison Smiles"...both suit you and what you're doing most of the time! :)

    With my new-found burst of inspiration, going walking now.