Friday, August 24, 2012

A Friday List

  • I'm teaching my first ever class tomorrow afternoon! It's actually two classes: a tabata class and a core class. I'm very excited to get started teaching and hoping that the nerves pass once I get started. I'm more nervous about the core class, since it is more choreographed than the tabata class will be. I'm sure everything will go just swimmingly!

  • Somewhat ironic is the fact that I just received my ACE Group Fitness Manual books in the mail yesterday. The fact that I am already going to begin teaching is not lost on me, but I am glad I am going to get the opportunity to get started, so maybe the studying will be that much easier!

  • Last night's Crossfit workout was nothing to write home about. I wouldn't even know how to write it out. Basically we pulled sleds from one end of the gym to the other and at each end we did 7 knees to chest, 7 fingers to toes, 7 candlesticks and 10 kb swings. For the first time, I used a purple kettlebell for the entire workout (instead of yellow)! Moving on up!
  • This morning I went for a nice, easy 4 miles. It was a beautiful but brisk morning in Seattle and I can feel fall coming on already. My legs felt kind of heavy today, so I made sure to just take it easy and enjoy the run.
  • This weekend I've got a 15 miler on the schedule. With my neuroma debacle on my 12 miler last week, I am hoping for a good run this weekend. I'm planning on getting in a CrossFit workout as well. I am dog-sitting for a friend the next few days, so expect lots of puppy pictures on Monday! Have a good weekend!

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