Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot Friday

Happy Friday! I still get excited when it's Friday even though I usually have to work weekends. There is just something about Friday that seems like such a release and everyone just seems to be in a better mood!

I started my day off with a lovely 5 miles. It was one of those runs where you are just enjoying the morning, your surroundings and being thankful. Love those! 

Pretty mountains, I love you.
It didn't hurt that it was already really warm outside. I even wore a tank top at 5am! It's pretty bizarre for Seattle to be that warm so early. I was able to wear a new polka dotted tank top I got this weekend at the Lululemon outlet up in Burlington. I'm loving this tank. It is the Lulu Cool Racerback. Racerback's are by far my favorite kind of tanks, and I love the way this one is snug on top (but not too snug) and then flares out at the bottom so it isn't suffocating your core. Glad to have found this one on sale!

Polka dots!
Seattle has been experiencing a "heat wave" of sorts the past few days. Heat wave for Seattle means it's in the 90's for several days. For the rest of the nation, this is not a big deal, but for Seattle, it's pretty rare. I feel like a big wimp coming from the scorching summers in New York, but I am devoid of AC and its hot! WAAAH! This new fro yo find from Trader Joe's helps with the sweat running down my back (whoops, overshare?).

I had a great workout at CrossFit last night despite the heat. My entire class was dripping sweat before we even finished the warm ups! I have to admit, although other people complain, I love being a sweat monster! We worked on clean and jerks, which I haven't had much practice with, for the first part of the class and then used them in the WOD. It was definitely a struggle getting through each round, but it was nice to get a break while my partner went. 

I'm looking forward to a great, sweat-filled weekend!

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