Monday, October 29, 2012

Running Happy

What a rainy weekend we had in Seattle! Thankfully, the end of last week wasn't too bad at all so I was able to get out and enjoy it before the weekend. But I had to work anyway, so then I don't mind the rain!

So...I'm running NYC Marathon in less than a week! Eeek! I'm very excited, and not too nervous yet. I bet the nerves won't kick in until I get on that plane Fridayt. I feel like I am well trained and ready to go!

But then taper happened. Wait, what taper?

Admittedly, I have not been a very diligent taper-er (yes, that's a word and I just made it up). I've kept my long runs to minimal mileage, but haven't really changed much else. I'm going to try to take it easier this week, especially towards the end. However, with 2 50k's looming in my near future, I'm trying to semi-keep my mileage up. We'll see how that bodes for the marathon, but my main goal is to just have fun and enjoy the experience as much as I did last year.

Enjoying post-NYC Marathon 2011!
Can't stop, won't stop showing off my medal!
I've had several great runs the past week.

Wednesday afternoon, I met Ultra-marathoner Jess for a loop around the Lake Youngs Trail in Renton. This trail is different from Cougar or Tiger Mountain in that it is a little flatter and the "trail" is much wider. You don't get as much of a true trail experience, but it's still a nice little loop.

Jess and I took it nice and easy at the beginning and were both feeling great several miles in, so we started picking up the pace a bit. By the end, neither of us were talking much, but I found it great fun to be flying around that trail! We finished 9.8 miles in 1 hour and 26 minutes. Whew!

Happy runner @ Lake Youngs
Jess just so happens to be sponsored by Powerbar, which is kind of awesome. Tuesday night before we met, she texted me if I wanted some Powerbar gels. Free fuel? Duh!

After our run Wednesday, I get back from the bathroom to find two huuuuge boxes of gels on my car. A few gels?! This should last me for the rest of my life...

Other awesome runs included another run with Jess, this time around Discovery Park and in the pitch black! We met at 6:45am Friday morning, doning our headlights and plenty of morning mojo. It's so rare for anyone to want to run with me in the mornings that I just get soooo excited when it actually happens. Kind of like Christmas! Almost...

Different day, same loop. So much darker.
We did a nice, easy 5 miles around the park. It was so peaceful and I was greatful to have a morning running buddy for once!

After Discovery Park, I headed out to Redmond to meet Erika for 8 miles. We met at Marymoor Park and did an out and back along the river.

Erika and I met at the beginning of the summer at a blogger meetup on Alki. We've been talking about meeting up for a run for FOREVER and we finally made it happen! I'm so proud of us!

We had a great run, kept it nice and speedy! I think just about every mile was under 8 minutes. My stomach was having some issues, unfortunately, and we stopped to walk around mile 7 for a minute or so. Not sure what was going on that morning, but my stomach was NOT having it for those final few miles!

The run flew by and it was so great getting to know Erika better and hear about all her Ironman training adventures. She is so going to rock it in a few weeks and I can't wait to hear how it goes afterwards!

The rest of my weekend mostly consisted of working, with some running and Crossfit in there as well. Happy Monday! Less than a week until NYC!

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