Monday, October 22, 2012

Current Fall Favorites

I got my first pumpkin this weekend! Actually, a friend got him for me. Aren't friends the best?! I didn't have any fall decorations, so Charlie (yes, I named my pumpkin) is giving my apartment a festive feel.

In other festive fall news, I got this Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Trader Joe's last week.

Holy delicious I can't even handle it. I brought a mug of it with me to work yesterday and was making everyone take a whif. I'm pretty sure I convinced the whole gym to go pick up a canister. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking how this was probably a grave mistake because now my Trader Joe's is going to sell out! That's it. I'm stocking up!

Another fall favorite? Leaves!

I met some friends for a run Friday afternoon at Discovery Park. There were so many leaves I couldn't get over it. Of course, when you're trail running, you can't really look around too much or you will inevitably twist an ankle, but it was a fun change!

I did one loop with my friends and then another on my own. It was cool and perfect running weather out! I had a great 6 mile run. I think my stomach is getting better at running in the afternoon. I guess I just needed to train it?! my stomach. That's a new one!

Friday evening I headed over to CrossFit after my run. I was feeling kind of tired, but figured I might as well go and hang out with my friends.

We ended up doing a very unique workout that I loved! It's kind of complicated, so bear with me!

The workout started with the following one-armed dumbbell complex:

Clean and jerk

With this complex, you completed a full set on one arm before doing the other. We also went up in weight for each round.

This was a partner workout. The first person started out doing 7 sets of the dumbbell complex on each side and ten pullups while the other partner rowed as hard as they could until the first person finished. Then you would switch.

Then the first person would do 5 sets of the dumbbell complex on each side and another 10 pullups while the other partner did jump rope. Then switch again.

Finally, partner one did 3 sets of the dumbbell complex and 10 pullups while the other person held a plank with a 15 pound plate on their back.

Woo! So fun!

AND final thing I love about fall?

The New York City Marathon. Obviously.

13 days. Just sayin'!

The rest of my weekend was spent working. And running, obviously. I had lots of friends who raced this weekend, so I tried to get over my race envy and cheer them on from afar! If you had a race this weekend, I hope you rocked it and had fun!


  1. Hahaha, you should see my pantry - I cleaned out my local TJ's of that coffee! I stockpile their Gingerbread Coffee every year too, and end up drinking holiday-themed coffee until June the next year. Love it!

    1. Oh goodness, gingerbread?! Must stockpile THAT now, too! Brilliant, thanks for the tip!