Thursday, October 18, 2012

Awesome Day Off

My boss convinced me to work the next seven days straight, so I made sure I had an awesome day off yesterday.

I knew I needed to get in 15 miles for my long run this week, so I decided to tackle them yesterday. The timing was less than ideal, since it hasn't been a full week since my 22 miler, but I do what I can!

I slept in until 6, and took my time making myself a good breakfast and getting ready to run. I did an out and back along the Burke Gilman Trail and I've decided I really love doing out and backs. I'm not sure why, but it gives me a turning point, or something to look towards.

Blurry Burke Gilman
I didn't really have many expectations for the run today. Last night, I even was thinking how little a 15 miler is. Hah! Not little at all! Marathon training toootally screws with your long run perceptions!

I didn't look at my watch much the first few miles, but when I did, I was hitting a great pace! I couldn't believe I was going so fast. I even saw some 7s in there, and I felt like I was hardly working. I love it when that happens during runs. And I'm not sure that has ever happened during a long run for me.

I had planned to turn around at mile 7, but was just feeling so awesome, I decided to turn around just after 8 miles and turn it into a 16 mile run. I headed back along the trail and continued to feel great!

I didn't really start feeling tired until mile 14, but was able to stay strong the final two miles to finish up 16!

Killed it.

Such a great run! I just about galloped down the sidewalk to my apartment I was on such a runner's high. I've been feeling that high so frequently lately and it makes me feel lucky!

I did my best to recover quickly from my morning of fun because I was meeting my Tough Mudder team at Carkeek Park for a run later that afternoon. I know it probably wasn't the smartest idea to run again when I was supposed to be tapering, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hang with my crew!

My crew. Not everyone was present for Carkeek, but we sure make an awesome team!
Carkeek was gorgeous today. I'd never been to that park before, and it's my new favorite! I can't believe how close I am to so many trails. It's amazing there are so many within the city of Seattle. And even more if you are willing to drive 20-30 minutes.

We did a loop that was about 2 miles long, twice. The first time around, we hiked up several of the hills and came in around 21 minutes. The second time, we apparently decided to race the whole thing and finished in 18 minutes. These dudes are exhausting! Haha, it was really fun, though. And with views like this, how can you not love life?!

After our run, everyone was headed over to our Crossfit box for a workout. I couldn't pass that up! Good thing I brought lots of snacks!

In deciding to do another workout for the day, I promised myself I would't overdo it and try to go a little easier. I did just that and really focused on cheering on my friends and having fun.

Our WOD included a barbell complex with a deadlift, and a full power clean with a squat. If that makes no sense, don't worry about it. Haha!

My partner is running a half marathon this weekend, so she was fine with taking it easy.

So partner 1 started with 5 sets of the barbell complex, then partner 2 went. When both people were finished with the barbell, partner one heads out for a 300 meter run while partner 2 rows until they come back.

Then you complete 6 sets of the barbell complex with each partner, and then switch rowing and running. I enjoyed this workout a lot, but definitely held back. We tried to get through as many rounds as possible in 16 minutes. My partner and I got up to 10 barbell complex's each. Woo! My shoulders were burning from those cleans!

I headed home in an exhausted, but crazy happy state. I only got more excited when I checked my mail and found this waiting for me:

Can't wait for NYC!!!

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  1. Seriously, I tell you... beast mode!! 16 mile run, followed by 4 miles and Crossfit in the afternoon? Damn, girl! I need some of your endurance!