Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things I'm Loving

Last night's CrossFit workout was surprisingly difficult! I was feeling a little sluggish and tired yesterday afternoon and didn't really want to go workout again. It's nice to have friends at Crossfit who keep me accountable, otherwise I totally would have skipped!

Our workout was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). We used medium weight kettlebells that we first used to do 2 handed swings. Then we carried them in the racked position (basically up at your chest) across the gym. We used the bar to do 10 toes to bar and then carried the kettlebells back and started again. Swinging and walking the kettlebells wasn't too hard, but after a few rounds, those toes to bar became increasingly difficult! Instead of surrendering to knees to chest on the bar, I powered through with the toes to bar and took breaks when I needed to.

Since it's peak week, I've been running, obviously. Nothing miraculous, just some lovely super early morning running!

I always like to read products that bloggers are loving and using, so I thought I'd make my own list periodically. Here's the first!

Amphipod Cap Light
I was in desperate need of a light to run with. I really didn't want to go with a headlamp as I've heard they kind of just bounce around on your head, and I didn't want to run with a flashlight because I hate having things in my hands while running. I found this little dude on the REI website and decided to go in and get one. It is supposed to clip onto a baseball cap, but since I don't always run with a baseball cap, I wrapped some elastic around it and wear it on my arm. The light isn't insanely bright, but it's helpful for dark mornings when I can't see where I'm stepping!


A fine line exists between control and flow. We do our best to control our internal and external environment. We manage our time, our work, reputation, money and try to manage other people–with varying degrees of success. We exert control over our bodies by choosing our food or denying it food, rest or even a deep breath. We feel emotions or stuff them down. We’re good at control. In many ways, control is necessary and appropriate but too much of it tightens the mind, harms the body and armors us against the freedom flow that we actually deeply desire. The truth is that much of the time control is impossible and the only way to avoid suffering is to give up the habit of trying to control. 

I found this quote on Peanut Butter Runner's blog and it totally hit home for me. Control is something I struggle to let go of personally and this message is so spot on. Control can be great, but too much is certainly unhealthy. I think control is a way to try and reach perfection for many people,but no one is perfect, so we might as well stop trying!

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar

I'm not a huge bar person. I eat them because they are convenient and sometimes when I'm running around at work, it's all I can get in. I am a big fan of Lara Bars usually, but I have a current love affair with this Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut bar. It tastes just like a macaroon and goes perfectly with coffee! A great sweet treat!

Running Sucks T-Shirt

My friend Scott, the guy who is training for his first race as a 50k has this shirt and every time I see him wear it, I burst out laughing. Obviously I don't think running sucks. I think the opposite, actually, but I think this shirt is just hilarious. I don't own one, yet, but the time is drawing near!

What are you loving lately? Anything that NEEDS to be added to my list this week???

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