Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Completely Crazy

When I share with people what my training schedule looks like, how many miles I run, or how many workouts I do, they generally look at me like I'm crazypants.

Which I totally am.

But it works for me. I've built up my fitness level to the point that I can push my body to the limits and it knows how to quickly recover. I've been lucky to find several friends who also share in the craziness. One of whom is an ultra marathoner. When I talk about doing 2 a day workouts, this woman is doing 3 a days and running double mileage days back to back. She's pretty much my hero!

Of course, with all her crazy, I couldn't help but be bit by the ultra marathon bug, too. I thought my first 50k was going to be the Fat Ass 50k January 5th. I'd planned to run the Pigtails marathon December 15th and then build from there.

But hold up.

Instead of running a marathon on December 15th for the Pigtails Flat Ass, I think I'm going to run my first 50k. Blame Nicole and Robyn. I think they are both running the 50k and I want to be part of the cool kids club, too! So I'm changing my registration and going to rock a 50k December 15th. Get ready for the crazy!!!

In other news, I got some new shoes.

So white!
I want my current Brooks Ghost's to last me through my January 5th 50k, so I knew I needed some other shoes for my shorter runs during the week. I went into the store and tried on the Brooks Ghost 5 and these Brooks Defiance. I was torn about which shoe to get, but ultimately decided to go with the Defiance to give my feet something a little different.

Scene change.

I've been rocking CrossFit workouts lately. Thursday we did a fun partner workout.

We alternated with a partner between 3 push jerk, 6 wall ball and 9 knees to chest. Ultramarathoner Jess and I partnered up and make it our mission to beat all the boys. We pretty much dominated. Not going to lie.

Sunday night, it was raining and I had just spent 8 hours at work. The last thing I wanted to do was go to Crossfit. As usual, I rallied with my buddies and we all met for the 5pm workout. I was so glad I went. My legs were still a little cranky from my 22 miles Friday, despite running both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and this workout totally loosened me up. Not only that, but it was fun. I love my Crossfit friends and they always put me in a better mood.

Our workout was "Death By....kettlebell swings and burpees". I did a "death by" workout a few weeks ago, but with push ups and pull ups. Both were challenging in their own way!

Every minute, on the minute, we worked. We started with 2 kettlebell swings and 2 burpees on the first minute. Next minute, was 3 kettlebell swings and 3 burpees. And it continued for 16 minutes. I died after 12 minutes, so I cut my reps in half and started again. Woof! Good times! The first few minutes, I was dancing and having a great time, but I was a schweaty mess by the end!

Yesterday, we had another fun partner workout.

This was a shoulder killer. Obviously.

And I thought regular push ups were hard. Try doing them on a pair of rings. Ouch. I'm currently waiting for the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to kick in. Because it's coming!

Lots of trail runs with friends this week, some more Crossfit and a longer-ish run on tap for this week! Ready to rock!


  1. Muhaha! Actually, I'm horrified. But it's so much better to be doing this with friends! Let's go slow and eat candy at the aid stations the whole time. YAY so happy you're on board!

    1. "Eat candy at the aid stations"...my thoughts exactly!