Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where Have I Been?!

I pretty much disappeared here on my blog for awhile. I'm sure anyone who was reading was wondering what the heck happened and where I went to!

Honestly, I needed a break. I was dealing with some personal issues and had to step back to figure out what is truly important to me. I've discovered some really important truths about myself in the past year or so, but for the blog, the important thing is that fitness is a passion and force in my life that I continue to love and enjoy talking about!

So I've decided to continue blogging. I will no longer be posting all my workouts and what I do everyday, but I hope to let this be an outlet and a place I can share inspiration, struggles and fitness-related topics and ideas.

Now, what the heck has been going on in the past year for me!?

Firstly, I took a little break from running. I was getting burnt-out and was having trouble remembering why I loved to run in the first place. While I didn't completely stop running, I gave my Garmin a rest and ran by feel. I stopped signing up for races, and if I did, I didn't really have a formal training plan. Despite the heat of the summer (not a fan of running in the heat), I realized that I love longer races -- half marathons and marathons -- but tend to get a little over-zealous training for them, which becomes less than fun. And trying to break a certain time takes joy away from me as well.

So what's my plan?

I recently signed up to run the Seattle Marathon on a whim.

Have I run further than 10 miles in the last few months? Nope! But I think that will be part of the fun. As for a training plan, I hope to get in one 15 mile run and a 20 mile run before the race on December 1st. Other than that, I plan to continue running what I want, when I want. I may or may not even wear my timing chip on race day, just to take away the pressure of performing a certain way.

Several things have also been happening on the Crossfit front.

I also took a little break from Crossfit. After taking classes 5 times a week for a good 8 months, I had again, forgot what I loved about it. I didn't quit all together, but only took classes here and there.

It may come as a surprise, then, that I have become a Level-1 Crossfit Trainer! While I wasn't all gung-ho about Crossfitting for myself, I have always believed that Crossfit is the best way to get in general peak physical shape. I also think there is gold in the community aspect of Crossfit, but that's a talk for another day! Going through the weekend certification course, I completely renewed my love for this sport!

There are so many things to love about it, but for me, my favorite part is the heavy lifting. I was never much of a lifter and knew next to nothing about it, despite being a personal trainer. Now I have a love and passion for heavy back squats and deadlifts!

Along the same lines, Crossfit has taught me that it isn't about what your body looks like, but what it can do. That it's more important for me to beat everyone in a workout than it is to look a certain way. Crossfit box's tend to not have mirrors, so the only comparison is with effort. What an awesome lesson!

Currently, I am shadowing several of my coaches to learn how to become a great instructor. While I already teach classes at work, I don't know a lot about how to recongnize faults and how to correct them in the powerlifting movements. Shadowing has been a great asset to help me learn to spot things!

In completely unrelated news, I have a new love in my life: Milo!

Milo is an English creme golden retriever. He is a little over a year old, so he is still a puppy but full of cuddles.

I adopted my furry buddy at the end of August and we have become fast best buddies! I may be slightly obsessed with him, so he will obviously be making frequent visits to the blog.

I'm still personal training and leading classes at a gym in Seattle, which I have come to love. I'm very lucky that the gym I work at is like a little supportive community, so going to work each day is enjoyable (despite the fact that it's usually 4am).

Thanks for reading! Have a great Wednesday!

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