Wednesday, October 30, 2013


EMOM...what the heck does that mean??

It stands for "Every Minute on the Minute". Which, in workout terms, means at the top of each minute you do work.

I did this in my classes yesterday, and it definitely gave everyone a good sweat!

Starting with the first couplet, dumbbell thrusters and push ups, complete 5 of each exercise at the start of the first minute. At the start of the second minute, complete 6 of each. Continue adding one exercise each minute until you hit 10 minutes. Then move on to the next couplet and begin again!

After doing this workout twice yesterday, I am SORE this morning! I've begun to really LOVE teaching classes. I used to get so nervous and have such anxiety over it. Now, I really look forward to it and it's pretty much a huge mood lifter for me! Hopefully I can find time to add more classes in the future!

Hoping for a short, speedy run today so that tomorrow I can take Milo out to Cougar Mountain for a trail run. Have a great Wednesday all!

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