Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Weekend

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a completely nutty Monday. I'm pooped today. Hope your week is off to a better start than mine!

Despite working all weekend, I was still able to get in a few naps and some great runs.

On Friday, Milo and I took a run around Discovery Park again. The little furball did great!

I am really tempted to try and take him out to Cougar Mountain now. I want to see what the little guy can do and I think he would love it up there. Plus there are less people than Discovery, which is a good thing!

My little ghost all in white

It was super foggy, even in the afternoon.

Discovery Fooooogggg
Luckily the fog lifted in Seattle this week. While yesterday was super windy, today seems a lot calmer, if not colder!

I trained several clients on both Saturday and Sunday mornings before I headed home for lunch, a nap, and a walk with my boy.

Sunday, I'd told myself to try and get a longer run in. I want to have somewhat of a base before this marathon thingy in December.

The only other time I've done a long run in the evening, it was awful.

Least favorite long-run place EVER! Cedar River Trail.
I was expecting to have to pep myself up and have to take my run on the struggle bus.

But I had such a great 10 miler! My stomach wasn't too bad, and my legs felt GREAT!

Thinking about adding 16 more miles afterwards was tough, but I keep telling myself I have a good month and I'm not trying to hit a goal for the marathon. Just have FUN!

My plan is to keep increasing my long runs on the weekends, unless I start getting overwhelmed. I'm hoping to get up to 20 miles a few weeks before the race, but I don't want to push it, either. We shall see what happens!

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