Thursday, October 17, 2013

Discovery Park Loop with Milo

Yesterday marked a great day in our little family.

Milo made his first 5-mile RUN around Discovery Park!

Pooped, but adorable!
When I first got Milo, he was, let's just say: slightly de-conditioned. He had only been taken on one or two short walks a day. Obviously that had to change! We have slowly been working up to more. Like a human, I didn't want to just throw Milo into super long runs. So I built up his "training". We started with shorter walks, which turned into longer walks. Then some trail walks. And finally we started running!


I decided to try and see how he did on the full loop at Discovery yesterday and I was SO proud of him for making it all the way around! The little tyke did wonderful!

After we did the loop, I dropped off Milo at home and did a few more miles on my own. Now that I'm registered for a marathon in a month, I feel like I need to be getting in MILES! Plus it was a perfect fall day and I wasn't finished movin' my legs!

I shadowed one of my Crossfit coach friends yesterday and the workout was as follows. Since I was coaching, I didn't get to actually do it, but I can't wait to tackle it soon!

You basically start off going through the list of barbell exercises, 20 of each and every minute on the minute you have to stop and do 4 burpees. Then you continue making your way through.

Talk about motivation to go as fast as possible! The faster you go, the less burpees you do!

There was a 20 minute time limit and everyone made it through before that. None of the women used the prescribed weight, though. I'll bet some of them could have!

Aaaand just for fun:

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