Thursday, September 13, 2012

All the Rowing

Despite feeling tired a bit run down on Tuesday, I was up and ready to run by Wednesday! I had 5 miles on my plan and decided to get in some mile repeats. I kept them all under 8, but was a little disappointed they weren't lower. After the second one wasn't up to my standards, I turned my attention back to just enjoying the act of running and feeling the crisp air on my face.

Pretty morning!
Cheesy? You betcha! But it works!

After work I tried to go home and take it easy so I could have a good CrossFit workout later in the afternoon. Of course, I couldn't sit still (although I did make it through an episode of Dance Moms!) and my grand plans of icing my knee for a few hours turned into me choreographing for my classes tomorrow. Haha. I'll never learn!

I loved our workout last night. We started by doing a superset of pushups and pullups. I need help with both, so it was definitely a good strength workout for me. It was also helpful to work strength with the dead hang pullups instead of just kipping, as we usually do during workouts. My arms were totally spent by the end of that. They were shaking all over the place!

Our "WOD" doesn't sound up my alley, but I ended up really enjoying the challenge. I was also glad to give my knees a little break from the usual running and squatting.

We did a 5k row, split up with a partner. I usually detest rowing, but I tried to think about improving!

My partner and I decided to split it up into 250 meter segments. I was trying to think about my technique and making sure I was sitting up straight and pushing the bar forward.

My coach mentioned that I need to try slowing down my strokes and exploding from my legs more. She said that I rely on my speed and quickness too much and that I need to work on power now. After that, I worked on slowing down my reps, but making each one count!

I think we finished around 21 minutes. Which means I was rowing for over 10 minutes with a total of 2500 meters! I'm sure if you asked me if I could have rowed that much last week, I would have said no! And that is yet another reason I love Crossfit. It pushes me past what I think I am capable of.

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