Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Many Exciting Things

Let's get right to the workouts! Several new developments have happened at CrossFit the past few days.

Monday evening I realized that handstands are really scary for some people. I know, novel realization. I'm such a smart cookie. Growing up dancing and doing gymnastics in high school, I can't remember a time when I couldn't do a handstand. I remember constantly playing on my hands with my feet straight up throughout my childhood. When I started doing yoga, I learned to actually control my handstands, although they are done much differently in a yoga class than I was ever used to.

My friend mentioned on Monday that she wanted to start working on handstands.

I was surprised, "what do you mean, 'work on them?'"

Haha. Apparently handstands are hard for people and that it is an actual CrossFit skill! Of course, all I could think was: At last! A Crossfit skill I already have! Finally.

Our WOD Monday wasn't too crazy. We went through the circuit below 5 times and I felt like I was flying through it easily.

The hardest part for me was the row, as I am still trying to work on my technique, which is making me a little slower. I'm trying to take that in stride because I know eventually, I will be a better rower!

The other exciting thing happened this afternoon. After our workout, I was working on my pull-ups, per usual. One of my coaches came up to me and asked if I could do one un-assisted dead hang pull-up. I answered "no" and she asked if she could see.

By some miracle, I did it! One dead hang pull up! Totally unexpected! And, right after that I whipped out 2 kipping pullups in a row! I'm such a proud little Crossfitter! (And that is a lot of exclamation points. Sorry for the insane excitement.)

Our workout featured a little barbell complex our coach made up. It started with a dead lift, then a clean, and a thruster. That's a lot of squating! It was a fun little complex, though, and I appreciated our coach linking so many of the lifts together.

The actual WOD wasn't too difficult, except for the fact that I was feeling pretty tired.

Admittedly, I probably don't take enough rest days. After my awesome race and long run on Sunday, I rested the remainder of the day so that I could run again the next morning. Not the smartest decision, but it works for me.

My Monday and Tuesday runs were nice and mellow. I was trying to do some tempo miles on Tuesday, but was still feeling tired, so I just slowed down when I really felt I needed to.

In other news, I've got some exciting things coming up! First, the Tough Mudder! I have a little over 2 weeks to continue to freak out about this race. I am going trail running again this Sunday to help prepare myself more. I am mostly worried about the obstacles and my main goal is just to come away without getting injured. Although I want to be a bada**, I am going to make it a point to skip an obstacle if I think I may actually get hurt from it. We'll see if I can follow through with that one!

My last exciting piece of news is that I think I've picked my next marathon: Eugene 2013! A lot of bloggers are thinking about doing this race at the end of April as well, which would make it even more fun. The course is supposedly pretty fast, and after running NYC 2 years in a row, I will be excited to run a flatter course. I also have my CrossFit friend, Beth, convinced to run this with me as her first marathon!


  1. I am currently 'shopping' around for my next marathon after Chicago in a couple weeks. Aka my marathon of 2013. Eugene huh? Now that is a thought!! :)

    1. Do it, do it! It would be great to see you again!