Friday, September 28, 2012

Eugene, Pancakes and Roga Shorts..Oh My!

What what?! Did this really just happen?

Well, no, it happened last night. But, it's official! I will be running my third marathon on April 28th in Eugene, Oregon! I am running this one with my CrossFit friend, Beth, and it is going to be her first marathon! I am super excited to run the marathon for myself, obviously, but it will be so fun to experience Beth's first marathon with her. My plan after the NYC Marathon is to keep up my long runs around 15 miles and then just increase them heading into spring. We'll see how that works! I know there are lots of other Seattle area bloggers thinking about registering, so I hope they do!

Back to business. Yesterday's CrossFit workout was my bread and butter. There was running, which means I can beat everyone. Sometimes I think I shouldn't love running as much during Crossfit, because for example, yesterday I had already run 4 miles that morning. You'd think I would want to do something different or work on rowing (did I really just say that?). But I think I look forward to it because I'm good at it. And we always like what we're good at! =)

I actually finished second, but the guy I was chasing was totally spent after our last run. Workouts like these are always such a good confidence booster for me.

We did 3 deadlift, barbell snatches. Which is basically throwing the barbell over your head. Always a good time. Then a 300 meter run and the following set of abs.

I was feeling pretty tired after this workout so I came home and took a lovely nap before heading back to work to teach class. I'm not usually a big napper, but yesterday it was just what the doctor ordered!

I woke up starving and knew exactly what to make. I've been watching Tina at Carrots N Cake make her 2 ingredient pancake for awhile now. They've never really caught my attention before because I'm not a big pancake person. For some reason, yesterday I realized how delicious they looked, and what a great blend of nutrients for an afternoon snack.

Her "recipe" is one banana and one egg mixed together and cooked over the stovetop like a pancake. And, of course, a spoonful of peanut butter after it cooks. I made sure to mush the banana in the peel a bit before adding it to a beaten egg. This made it much easier to mix together. I was patient and waited to turn the pancake until the first side was cooked through. This is such a genius snack and one I may or may not be obsessed with for the next week! I think today I'll add coconut!

I've been hearing such great things about Oiselle, a company based right here in Seattle. I've seen Sarah tweets about how awesome their Roga Shorts are and when I saw them the other day, I just had to pick up a pair to try out!
And I literally haven't taken them of since! Such a good investment! They have so many pockets, are a nice, longer length and are so comfortable! I have run in them almost every day for a week and it really is true love. These may be my NYC Marathon shorts....we shall see how the weather turns out!

Hope you have a great, sweat-tastic weekend!

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  1. For some reason I am not seeing all of your blog posts till I go direct to the site. I just saw this and am so happy that you tried the Oiselle Rogas!! :) And I must try the 2-ingredient pancakes asap. I have several bananas on their last moment.