Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Success

In case you were curious, I DID run the Seattle Marathon and actually finished without killing myself. It was a close call, and I will do a full recap later in the week.

I was lazy and didn't check in at all last week! I had Thursday (Thanksgiving) off, so Milo and I headed over to my parents' house on the Peninsula of Washington. I had a brilliant idea of covering my backseat with a tarp because I knew after this happened, we were never going to make a 3 hour drive without some Milo throw-up.

I was so glad I had that tarp down this time! Poor little dude got sick twice on the way over. The tarp made clean up SO much easier, though.

Milo's backseat set-up.
You can already see the panic in the eyes!

View waiting for the ferry.

We got to my parents' house for dog-a-polooza. They recently adopted a two year old golden retriever named Maizey. I, unfortunately did not get a good photo of her with my phone, but she is a beauty! And is she full of energy or what?!

The pups played around like crazy idiots for a day and completely wore themselves out.

My family decided to go out to eat for Thanksgiving this year. There were only 4 of us and since we have to cook a big dinner in a few weeks for Christmas, we just figured it would be easier. 

I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving food, so it was a-okay with me!

On the way to dinner with my uncle Lorney
and a Maizey face in the back!
I didn't take any photos of food, unfortunately, but we went to a great "European fusion" (as my step-uncle called it) restaurant and everything was FABULOUS. I seriously can't believe how great all the food was! We had wine, cheese plates, prosciutto wrapped prawns and beet salad. I got beef tenderloin for dinner that was topped with sauteed mushrooms and melted cheese. Mmm-mm good!

I got a run in earlier on Thanksgiving day. About 6 miles, none of which felt awesome, and made me slightly nervous for the marathon.

Milo and I had to head back Thanksgiving night, so we hopped in the car shortly after we got home from dinner. 

After a lump scare on Milo Saturday, I was all a flutter for the Marathon on Sunday morning. I'll take you through that train wreck next time. Have a great Monday!

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