Friday, November 1, 2013

Back to Cougar and A Sick Pup

Milo and I had a wonderful Halloween on Cougar Mountain yesterday. Until the ride back home. But lets get to the good stuff first!

We trecked over to Cougar Mountain in the early afternoon yesterday. I was worried about Milo in the car because he tends to get car sick and super anxious, but he did great all the way out!

It was cool and foggy and just perfect running weather! I had an 8 mile loop planned and hoped that I wouldn't get lost and that Milo would be fine during the whole thing.

Ignore my creepy expression. 
I had my map, my pup, my water and was happy as a clam! It couldn't have been more beautiful and the weather was just perfect!

There were several longer stretches where I was a little worried that I'd missed a turn, but I was always on the right track. Milo traded off between sniffing things behind me and being the leader. It was kind of helpful when he pulled right in front of me because he definitely kept my pace slower, which I needed if I was going to make 8 trail miles.

I stopped every few miles to let Milo have a drink and he would lap up the water and then tear off ahead of me.

There was one point when I was on the far side of the mountain where it was darker that I started to get a little worried that I didn't have a light with me. It was only about 4pm, but I wondered if it would get darker a little earlier up in the mountains. Luckily, we made it back to the car and even back home before it was completely dark. Next time for sure I am going to bring a headlamp just in case!

By the end, I was definitely dragging. It was getting somewhat difficult to lift my feet over all the roots sticking up. These 8 miles took me longer than my 10 miler last Sunday. But they were infinitely more fun!

Milo and I got back to the car muddy and happy. Milo was more reluctant than usual to get back in the car. I figured he just didn't want to leave!

I was fairly certain that since Milo made it out to Cougar just fine, that he would make it back home as well. Oh no no no. Poor little guy was sick the entire time back home. And, of course, I was on the freeway and there was no where I could stop and pull over for him. To make matters worse, there was MUCH more traffic than I anticipated and I was just a huge ball of anxiety by the end of our trip. At one point a bus was blocking the intersection I was at and I let out a scream. I just wanted to get my sick puppy home!

You're welcome that I didn't take a picture of the backseat of my car because that ish was NASTY! Poor little Milo bear.

So now I'm at a crossroads. Milo obviously loves trail running with me. And I don't want to deny him the opportunity to go out with me on the trails. But the car rides are just not worth it. And I'm not sure what to do. I've been consistent about bringing him out to the car for meals to help relieve his anxiety, but that hasn't seemed to work very well. Anyone have any tips for us?


  1. So sorry that poor Milo bear had to suffer that. Some puppies will outgrow their car sickness eventually. The best way to prevent his travel sickness is to make the car ride as comfortable as possible. Lowering the window a couple of inches while the car is moving might help. Stacy Zimmerman @ Plymouth Veterinary Hospital, Inc

    1. Thank you for your tip, Stacy! I'll try that one!