Monday, January 13, 2014

Identical Weekend

Ohhhhh can we go back to Sunday, please?!?!?! I really feel like I could use another day off this week! Oh well...just looking forward to next Sunday now!

This weekend was pretty identical to last weekend. Saturday started with an early morning lifting session.

Ivonne deadlifting/talking.
This time around, my friend Ivonne came to lift with me. I was deadlifting this week, so she did the same.

Allison's guide to lazy weightlifting. 
 My workout looked as follows:

10 @45 lbs
10 @65 lbs
10 @85 lbs
8 @105 lbs
6 @115 lbs

3 rounds:
8 jumping pull ups
10 goblet squats (35lb kettlebell)
12 ball slams (20 lb)

3 rounds:
10 ab wheel roll outs
10 hollow rocks
20 spiderman planks

The rest of Saturday was fine, but boy was I GLAD to be out of work at 1pm!

I took the rest of the day pretty easy, except for a long walk with Milo and then I still felt like moving so I did some hill repeats on a steep hill near my apartment. The heavy breathing felt wonderful on a cold, rainy evening!

Milo's Sunday morning position.
Sunday mornings are by far my favorites! For one, I get to sleep in! Which feels so nice after 6 days of early get-ups. Second, it is the only morning that Milo and I get to just hang out. I usually let him up on the couch for some cuddles.

After a few hours of Milo cuddles and Netflix watching, I headed out into the mist to another complimentary yoga class at Lululemon University Village.

Always have to remind myself to breathe. Good thing it says to on my mat. 
My hips were SO TIGHT after deadlifting the day before. I could barely get my hip to the floor in half pigeon.

This class was very different from last week. The instructor did A LOT of talking. Especially to start the class, and even during savasanah. Sometimes I like a guided meditation of sorts, but I was just not having it. I needed the quiet apparently.

I still really enjoyed the class and was really glad I went. My legs were so happy for some stretching!

Later in the day I took Milo to the park where he found a good gaggle of pups to play with.

Poppin' sticks.
He ran around with the other dogs for a good 10 minutes before he pooped out on the ground with a stick. My little baby weirdo. I can only imagine how parents feel, but I get so much joy from watching Milo run around and have fun. I swear he has a smile on his face and it just makes my heart happy!

Aaaaannndddd on to another week! Hope you are having a good Monday.

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