Monday, January 6, 2014

Walking and Yoga

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty nice! It was cold here in Seattle (cold for us), so I froze my butt off!

As usual, my weekend got started after work on Saturday. After eating lunch, Milo and I ventured out to Golden Gardens for a little romp. It was SUCH a gorgeous afternoon. COLD, but beautiful. Lots of sailboats out and, of course lots of people.

We walked around the beach for a bit, but Milo got attacked by a dog AGAIN! This happened a few months ago at the park. Luckily, this time he was on a leash so I just pulled him away. We were just walking by this boxer, who suddenly lunged at Milo! The owner hardly said anything, and I was just so irritated! If your dog is aggressive you should be paying attention rather than on your phone and should have them on a short leash! I don't understand why Milo keeps getting attacked! Maybe he needs to be taught how to stand up for himself?

After that, we walked down the marina and back. I was SO cold by the end, but it was a good walk!

Sunday, I was planning to hit up the morning yoga class at my gym.

Love this!
I saw on the University Village Lululemon facebook page, however, that they were having a complimentary Sunday morning yoga session! I guess this happens ever Sunday and they change studios each month. New info to me! I was floored!

It was crowded, but they moved aside all their floor stuff and we did yoga in the middle of the store! Despite the crowd, it was a good class and felt great to move. I think the studio this week was I Love Hot Yoga from Greenlake. The instructor's name was Elvis and I just LOVED his music. Lots of peppy instrumentals from current hits. And some oldies...I think I even heard Somewhere Over the Rainbow. We did a pretty standard flow and the class was only an hour, so we didn't hit everything. Still, I left happy!

Kale, berries, banana, greek yogurt, orange concoction.
In case I didn't mention it, I got a Vitamix blender for Christmas and I have gone a little bonkers with it. Mostly lots of smoothies, but yesterday I even made a cookie dough dip that had beans in it! It was actually super duper yummy!

Here's to a good week! I think most people are getting back into the swing of things today from a long break, but I'm just glad it's going back to normal hours for me!

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