Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

Of course, now that it is 2013, I am excited to see how many races I can feasibly fit into my schedule. I love to race, if that isn't obvious. There is something about the excitement and adrenaline that gives me such a high! Needless to say, my 2013 race schedule is filling up fast!

As I look at my list, I can't help but notice how my racing style has changed just in the past year. I've gone from loving the half-marathon distance to full marathons. I've also acquired quite an intense crush on trail running, and find myself craving more time on mountains that I do on the roads. It's interesting how tastes can evolve. Even over just the course of a year. I'm excited to see what this year brings!

Without further ado, here are the runs that are taking up space on my race calendar presently:

Tiger Mountain 25k 
In case you were curious, I have dropped down from the 50k to the 25k for this race, which is coming up January 5. There are many reasons behind my decision to stick with 25k. First and foremost, I don't feel like I am trained for an intense trail 50k, which would be about 8 or 9 hours of intense climbing and descending. This is me trying to be smart and look forward to staying healthy the rest of the year. This is a very laid back race, without any support. I am running with Ultra Marathoner Jess and my friend Matt. It is sure to be freezing cold, snowy and lots of fun!

Lake Youngs Nuts Run
I am hoping to be able to do this race January 26, but I am also not sure I will be able to get off work that day. If I can get off, I will probably try to do 2 loops of Lake Youngs which is about 19 miles. Several friends will be running this, and it is a smaller race, so it's sure to be fun!

Birch Bay Marathon
I was going back and forth on whether or not to do this race because I didn't want to drive two hours north by myself and back again. I finally found a friend, though, who was willing to come and run the half marathon! I've heard the race is a giant loop, which I will be doing 2 of for the marathon. This will be a fun adventure because I've heard it is a beautiful course!

Lord Hill Trail Run
I have several friends who are running various distances for this race. I am planning to run, I am just not sure how far yet! Since it's a week after the Birch Bay Marathon, I am definitely not going to be completing the 50k, but I will probably either do the 20 mile or 10 mile run.

Eugene Marathon
I have no races scheduled after Lord Hill until the Eugene Marathon April 28! I am STOKED for this race. I am doing it with my favorite running buddies, but I also know a LOT of bloggers will also be at this race. It's sure to be fun and I've heard it is a great course. With the spirit of Prefontaine, a new PR may be in my future here!

Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon
And apparently I only run marathons now, because I also registered for the Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon on June 22. I've never run the full marathon course for the race before, but have completed the half the past several years. There are always a lot of people running this race and I know my favorite running buddies will be running, too!

So that's my race calendar for the next half year. I'm sure more races will be added, but for now, this looks like a good start! Three marathons by the end of June? I'll take it! Are you signed up for any of these or are there any races you are doing that aren't on my list?


  1. So excited for Eugene! But unlike your ambitious self, it's my sole, primary racing focus for the Spring :)

    1. Yay for Eugene! I'll bet you're going to smoke everyone out of the water =) I can't remember, are you doing the half or the full?