Friday, November 15, 2013

Where Did the Week Go?

Whew! What a week! And there are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving!

Last I left off was Monday, the day after running 18 miles. Ouch. It took me awhile to recover from that one. I took Monday off, except for a walk with Milo. Our bodies are so crazy! I assume the only way I could run 18 miles with no build up mileage-wise was muscle memory. My body has done it before, so it just did it. My body was definitely not ready for it though, and it let me know! Oh well, it was worth it!

I was still feeling rough on Monday night (My knees! Ouch!), and knew teaching two classes Tuesday was going to be challenging on my poor body. I was right, but as usual, I loved teaching. We did some short, 3 minute intervals. I had smaller classes this week and it's always a little more challenging to keep the energy up when that happens. But I left with a big smile on my face after each class.

Our classroom!
Wednesday I was planning to take it easy, but one of our instructors had a family emergency and couldn't come in. Allison to the rescue! I actually ended up doing a great strength class. We did 45 second intervals, 15 seconds rest, and superset two exercises. The class ate it up! Here's what went down:

Wednesday evening I ran with a friend. I hadn't run with someone else in awhile and it was a refreshing change. It was super dark when we headed out and we had a long talk about safety gear, especially since we were on a trail with a lot of bikers. My friend was sporting an awesome light that I am now incredibly jealous of. I'll have to ask her where it is from!

Thursday I took Milo over to Discovery Park for a short run.

Milo ready to RUN!
I didn't wear my watch, but think we went right about 3 miles. And the little guy didn't get sick in the car! Yippee!

Hoping for a 20 miler on Sunday, but again, I'm going to go with how I feel. I know I can finish the marathon with the training I have now, so no pressure! =)

Happy weekend!

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